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The Music of Spelunking

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As stated in our introduction post, Spelunking is planned to have an original soundtrack! Here, I have comprised a few of the songs which will be featured on Spelunking. I have also given descriptions for the first areas you will visit when playing Spelunking. Please, enjoy!

Groveshire is a small peaceful region with a town, a quarry and a Mine. Groveshire used to be a well known mining town until the Province's king ordered the mine be shut down for unexplained reasons. This lead to Groveshire and its inhabitants struggling to survive due to the town's main source of income being abruptly stopped. 

Here is Groveshire's overworld theme:

Groveshire Mines is the first area of the Mines. They are relatively safe but since it's so close to the surface, most ores have been extracted and is now a husk of what riches it held. Roots from trees poke out of the cave ceilings as it is still quite close to the surface.

Here is the Groveshire Mines theme:

Moving deeper you soon reach areas that have been long abandoned before the absolute shutdown of the mines. These places have became riddled with large bugs and dangerous paths. However, a good compromise for all this is all the ores that have yet to be mined! Beware if you're afraid of the dark though, as most lanterns have gone out down there...

Here is the Caverns Theme:

Due to not wanting to spoil later areas, I will simply put the songs down with simply the name and theme. Remember that this isn't even half of the areas we have planned! However, I'm sure (and I hope) these themes are enough to tell some story of the areas.

Ravinus City:

The Abyss:

Boss Theme (Music that players when against a tough enemy);

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