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Villages, Server version/s and plugins



I've been looking for a village in a survival server i made for hours and hours and there's none. I have generate structures on, and I've tried /locate village and /locate Village. Nothing works and I need a village cause I wanna do enchants and stuff. Also, what's the latest version you're able to have on the servers you make? I wanna play the new update but there's no way to. Pls help someone, thank you 🙂


Also, what are some cool plugins for survival? I wanna keep it as vanilla as possible but a few extras would be cool 🙂

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I'm not sure about your village issue but you could use essentials, essentials protect, essentials chat and a few more made by them to make it feel more lively and Simple tpa too maybe even a special tablist.

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I changed the word "special tab" to "special tablist" incase you didn't understand.
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