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Why does sleeping not work anymore?



Before, when me or any other player on my server (all of us are OP) went to sleep, it would immediately be morning. We liked this a lot. Now, when any number of players try to sleep, we lay in bed but cannot sleep. I have tried "/gamerule playerssleepingpercentage 0" but to no avail. We think it has something to do with the plug-in "Essentials X" but we are not very experienced and don't know how to change anything massive. Minehut suggested getting another plug-in, but I'm hoping there's an easier way to solve it, because I think it's just a problem with the plug-in running on 1.17. I've also seen suggestions to make a group for me and my friends and put us as "essentials.sleepingignored" but I am worried that will just make it always day, because the only players on the server are all OP. Anyone encounter this on their own server, and know how to fix it?

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