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updating to 1.17



I recently started a server with my friends just before the 1.17 update (probably not the best time i know) we want to update it however when i click update on the editing server thing it doesn't change anything.

I made a new server but even that didn't update to 1.17

I am very confused because on the server it said in chat multiple times that minehut is supporting 1.17 however based on my experience this is not the case.

plez help.


I tried updating and then opening the world to check but the items were in the creative inventory however when I put them in my inventory it would turn to stone. Hmmmmmm.

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On 6/17/2021 at 6:15 PM, LPSdancer said:

I had trouble with this too, when you start up the server go into appearance and then it has server version and you want to click on 1.17, happy crafting 🙂

I tried that but 1.17 isn't even an option. I also keep clicking the update button but its also not doing anything. I am still confused.

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