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Having trouble with lists not returning values.


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Hello, all.

I have a skript list that works like this:

set {ranks::1} to colored "&cA:120000"

This repeats until {ranks::26} (the values aren't really necessary. They follow the same format as {ranks::1}'s value.
(FYI: The string "&cA:120000" is to be read like "<rank prefix>:<rank price>".)

So when I want to get "&cA:120000" from this {ranks::*} list, I declare %{ranks::<number>}%, right? Wrong, apparently.

This is part of some rankup code I've made. This code has been giving me the trouble (NO errors, btw. Just won't work):

set {_rankData::*} to {ranks::%{%{_u}%::rank}%} split at ":"
set {%{_u}%::rank.label} to colored "%{_rankData::1}%"

%{%{_u}%::rank}% should return the user's rank. The user's rank is ALWAYS an integer from 0-26.
{ranks::%{%{_u}%::rank}%} should returning the value of {ranks::<whatever number the player's rank is>}, so it should work.

I've verified that %{%{_u}%::rank}% returns the player's rank as an integer.

I've tried debug commands that print out both {ranks::%{%{_u}%::rank}%} and %{%{_u}%::rank.label}% and they both return as null.

What am I doing wrong here?

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