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plugin (with skript) - Getting started

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I wanted to make a plugin, So i made a plugin, You need the plugin skript go to /plugins/Skript/scripts 
Delete every file you see that you can, Then make a file called "gettingStarted.sk" and copy and paste everything below this in it, (Not the #'s)
dont copy and paste this
the commands -
/day - sets it to day
/night - sets it to night
/bloodmoon - sets to midnight and gives 3 mins of strength
/impance - makes an announcement
/broadcast - makes a broadcast

command /sethome:
        set {home.%uuid of player%} to location of block at location of player
        send "set home to: %{home.%uuid of player%}%" to player

command /home:
        teleport player to {home.%uuid of player%} 
        send "§4The blood provails." to player #You can change this

command /day:
    permission: gettingstarted.day #If you have power ranks do /pr addperm (rank) gettingstarted.day and they should be able to do this.
        execute console command "time set day" 

command /night:
    permission: gettingstarted.night #If you have power ranks do /pr addperm (rank) gettingstarted.night and they should be able to do this.
        execute console command "time set night" 

command /bloodmoon:
    permission: gettingstarted.bm
        execute console command "time set midnight"
        execute console command "effect give @r minecraft:strength 180" #You can change the number to make it last longer or shorter

command /broadcast [<text>]:
    permission: op
    usage: &cCorrect usage: /broadcast [message] 
        broadcast " "
        broadcast "§aBroadcast§6: %arg-1%"

command /impAnce [<text>]:
    permission: op
    usage: &cCorrect usage: /impAnce [message]
        broadcast " "
        broadcast "§4IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT§6: %arg-1%"

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