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Unable to join any server



For the past two days, I've been unable to join any servers. Not just my own but any server. In the Minecraft multiplayer > servers screen, I try to connect to ex. loopgens.minehut.gg or hi.minehut.gg or my own (amcink.minehut.gg). I land in the hub without any error message. 

In the hub, doing /join it say "sending you to server" but then drops me back into hub. Doing /join amcink gives a message that the server is being started. Checking minehut.com, the server is online but again, I get dropped back into hub. No error message, no insight into why I can't join. Servers are not full and are up and running. In the server discord, it's clear people are online and playing.

I have a legit copy of minecraft on my MBP. I have uninstalled, redownloaded and reinstalled. I have logged out and back in with my minecraft account. I'm at a loss. Anyone experience this before? Any steps you can recommend to fix? 

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