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Im DONE with Minehut

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I`ve lost all my proggres yesteday (400 Hours), and i know how it happen


Before anything , you have to know that the last backup i did was 30 days ago , as we know , yesterady minehut went offline for some hours , i was playing with my friends and then (randomly) my server closed , i knew Minehut does this once 1-2 months (maintanance) so i didint really cared , and i just waited , BUT when i joined back on my server i was surprised to see how i had NO armor and NO netherite tools , just like that i lost my progress , and i EXACLY knew how , i lost my progress because the server got suddenly closed  , and because Minehut is an shitty service that DOSENT backup your server BEFORE closing your world , the world got corrupted and the server automatically loaded the 30 DAYS OLD backup , i`ve lost ALL my progress because Minehut DOSENT announce players that they`re going to shut down their servers ( fun fact , they can give you ads while you`re playing on your server , but they cant simply announce you that they`re going to shut down your servers ) i know i cant get my world back , and i dont care , the only reason i was using minehut was because everyone can open the server , thats it.

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Hey, before you saying anything bad about Minehut services, they do automated backup every hour while the server is online and if you are playing on a Minecraft server, it's logical to do a backup once in a while or just daily. Don't complain about Minehut when it's your fault, not theirs. They also do announce when there is a downtime on their Discord so don't simply say that they don't. Fix your logic and instead of saying Minehut is providing "Shitty" services, blame it on yourself for not being responsible. As a free server host (Minehut), I can tell you that you can't find any better free hosts out there. Minehut is the best by far.

Here is their Discord if you still want to join. https://discord.gg/minehut

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Joined Minehut on 1/28/2021 (Same day I got Minecraft)

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If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

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Do /worlds. You may just be in a different world from all your stuff. I've seen that issue happen to so many people before. Also Minehut did send out like 10 messages before they closed down all the servers for maintenance. And the ads are only on the free servers. If you don't want ads, you can just get a server plan. 

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me too i had nearly drained an ocean monument but when i came back after the maintainence i was 3 hours behind and now i have to do it all over again and i wish this never happened, i restored the server daily but since it auto restores i wasnt able to go back. now i have to do all the work me and my friend did 😞

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