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How To Fix TuSKe for your server!


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Alright guys so i ran some tests on a test server with tuske. 


And here are the results with and without certain plugins.

With ViaVersion installed and viabackwards and viarewind:


After doing my tests with these 3 protocol plugins i have realized it actually breaks your skript version & TuSKe mainly. the latest version of viaversion is super bugged out. and not compatible with TuSKe. TuSKe is what a lot of servers use. Now TuSKe isn't "Unstable" as you guys might think it runs fairly fine and i have encountered no issues with it. The only one problem i have found out with TuSKe is that the owner of the plugin doesn't update it to be compatible with the 3 protocol plugins.

Without ViaVersion installed and viabackwards and viarewind:


After removing all 3 protocol plugins it started to work for me, TuSKe had no major issues and actually no issues at all. it ran fairly smooth and fine and i enjoyed it. If you wish to use TuSKe and understand it more and getting it disabled and don't know why? And if you have these 3 protocol plugins installed it is because of that, 

Now you might be wondering, How can i make 1.8 compatible? 

Well ill cut the crap, Protocol Support most likely WONT effect TuSKe or skript, but it most likely will. I am on a 50/50 basis with this considering i have never used it before and because it is a protocol based plugin. 

Stuff like this is super easy and stupid to come across because of how it is coded, So in conclusion should you be using a protocol plugin like this on minehut? 

The answer to that is, No it will have an issue with your plugins and it might mess it up. 

Moral of the story is: 

Don't allow ignorant plugins like protocol based plugins to mess up your server. If you want the feel of 1.8 pvp please just do yourself a favor and just use BackToTheRoots or any 1.8 pvp based plugin. 

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