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I'm bored I can make some skripts for people I need suggestions

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1 hour ago, mysellfff said:

I'm an ok skripter but my brain doesn't come up with ideas fast so anyone want a skript?

Try making a trading system where players can do /trade <player> and it will send a trade request to arg-1 then arg-1 can do /trade accept or /trade <player> to accept the trade. Opens up a GUI and they can place items in the GUI and trade, they will have to both accept the trade by pressing something in the GUI and there will be a cooldown when they both accept it. If one of them closes the GUI or someone moved/push them, the trade is cancel. 

Make it so Staff can spectate a ongoing trade. Like when a trade request is accepted, it sends a message to all staff where they can do /tradespec <player> <player> to spectate those players trade. Staff won't be able to take out items from the trade. Also, if possible, make it so there is a button in the GUI for staff where they can press it to cancel the players trade. 


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i need a good skripter for op prison server if you want to help

hi!-im-minehut-manager!-here-is-a proof!-if-u-try-to-change-ur-minehut-account-name-to-other-name-with-"minehut"-it -ill-block-u,-so-im-the-real-manager! -yay! 



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