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My friend broke my server and we cant start it up



My friend and I were having a good time playing on our server when my friend decided it would be funny to /give me 9999999 boats. We can no longer access the server, we tried sending /kill @e[type=item] through the server to no avail. We tried backing up the server to a more recent save, still nothing. Anyone know what to do we really don't want to reset it.

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Hello there,

To get rid of the items dropped, type the below in console and press "ENTER" while not joining the server and the panel is showing your server as "Online".

minecraft:kill @e[type=item]

Another way to stop your server from repeatly crashing from this, is to use the latest backup of your server by using the "Backups" option which you can find on your panel. Please make me aware if you need additional assistance and I'll try and get back to you as soon as I'm able to.

In the case that your issue is still not resolved, please make a support ticket by going here then clicking on "Contact Support" on the page linked.

I'm just a known player who been playing since the 24 July 2019.

Please don't DM me for support, go here (if you don't mind waiting) or join Minehut's Discord (which is more active) if you need assistance.


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