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Quick Info

Server Name: FlagClash

Server IP: FlagClash.minehut.gg

Server Owners: rainb0wgamer and Magmablok

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/uDcyBWn

Hey there gamers! Happy Friday. Having a great week? Great. Good. Love it. Let's get into this week's Featured Server, FlagClash!

FlagClash is a server with a unique game mode where you plant your flag anywhere in the map, build defenses around your flag, and let your flag generate gold for you. You can then use your gold to buy upgrades, weapons, blocks and special items. But watch out! When someone breaks your flag you'll lose half of your gold and have to replant your flag.

Hop into this server and try it out for yourself! Type /join FlagClash or join at FlagClash.minehut.gg!

If you'd like to have your Minehut server featured on forums, Twitter, clubs, and in the Minehut newsletter, apply to become a Featured Server in the Featured Server Discord!

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