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Are you smarter than an ATB host?

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ATB is LIVE now!

Are you ready for an episode of EPIC showdowns? Our hosts will go head-to-head in Trivia, a few Jackbox games, and an all-new segment called Kara-oke where Kara will try to stump Michael and Trent on the musical battlefield!

After the show, get your learning on with Minehut Tutorials LIVE!

Watch here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iemS2xyJHRY


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I am smartest (Don't give me questions)

Skripter & Manager
Have been skripting for 4 years.
Managed around 15-30 servers that avrg 15-30+ Players.
Have owned around 20 servers.


Currently Develop for (3) Servers
My development discord: https://discord.gg/XQyYt6U


Helpful Stuff:
Applications and Reports  - Here | Minehut  Global And forums rules - Here

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5 hours ago, EmptyRooms_ said:

ii'll give you one question, how to create a wormhole to another dimension


In principle, building a wormhole is pretty straightforward. According to Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, mass and energy warp the fabric of space-time. And a certain special configuration of matter and energy allows the formation of a tunnel, a shortcut between two otherwise distant portions of the universe.


[VIP] 12/26/20 - Present

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