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k so how do i make 3 fireballs summon when you right click with a blaze rod and it goes to the nearest player in a 20 block radius and the fireballs go to each player in the radius thanks

btw heres my skript if you wanna edit it

command fireballwand:
    permission: fb.wand
    aliases: /fbwand
        give player 1 blaze rod named "Fireball Stick"

on right click:
    if player's tool is blaze rod named "Fireball Stick":
        if {cooldown.%player's uuid%} is false:
            set {loc.%player%} to block above block above player's location
            loop 3 times: # change how many fireballs are shot here!
                spawn fireball at {loc.%player%}
                push last spawned entity in direction of player with force 0.5
            set {cooldown.%player's uuid%} to true
            wait 5 seconds # change the cooldown here
            set {cooldown.%player's uuid%} to false
            send "&cWait for the cooldown!"


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do that ^^^^

i will heart back (i promise)


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