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I think you guys should add the plugin Item Signature [https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/item-signature.81962/] as it would really help out owners who would like a way to make rare items on their server as it allows staff to sign players items, this could also get server sales up because if the server has a store where you could buy coins people could buy coins to buy these rare items leading to the server owners making money and maybe spending it on minehut credits so they can buy server packages!

The plugin is even free to use and open source.

I hope this is added as it can boost the sales for minehut and the server owner!

If I helped you let me know by leaving a "Thanks" reaction!thanks.gif.da139129ec38204550844760066ee4c5.gif
Some Important Minehut Links

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If you would like to speak to me either dm me on discord [StrxmyLive#0001]
Or through the forums page on the top right of your page!



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Could semi-make it in skript And, doesn't seam too usefull.


• 4-5 years of skript experience
• 6 Months of active java experience
• 2 Years of javascript and python experience


Helpful Stuff:
Appeals and Reports  - Here | Minehut  Global And forums rules - Here

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