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My hard work rolled back.

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So, I am making a steam game replica. That takes a lot of work. I was up all night and skripting ALL DAY to make it. I went through so much. I come back next day and low and behold, all of my hard work is gone. EVERYTHING I DID YESTERDAY IS GONE. Minehut, you ARE truly the worst server hosting service. The only reason we use minehut is because it is easy to get players and we can all agree with that. I can easily get another server from another host, or heck, just host it on my PC. The fact that I didnt even get notified or anything is just garbage. LUCKILY I copied a big part of the skript to put it into a command and I have a big part of it on my clipboard. That still, isn't all of it. Minehut, FIX. YOUR. SERVERS.


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