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Vile Application Guide


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Vile Staff Applications

If you wanted more information about applying for staff on Vile, you are looking at the right place. My goals in creating this guide is to help people looking to apply create the best application possible. I also aim to help inform everyone on what we look for in applications and how to succeed beyond the application stage. What you will find in this post:

  • Requirements Explanation
  • Denial Reasons
  • Further Information

Requirements Explanation

In this section, we will be explaining our reasoning behind each requirement. If you were wondering why we chose a specific requirement or how we use these to help us pick the best staff we can, this section should help you.

14 Years Old - A big reason we chose this specific age for this requirement is maturity. We thought 14 was a good age to ensure our staff are able to be mature when it is necessary. Also, I found that people who are younger tend to be less consistent with their time management, which can interfere with moderation. However, if you are able to present us exceptional maturity, we may give an exception to this requirement, but don't expect to be given one.

Understandable Microphone - An understandable microphone is necessary because a part of the staff process is an interview. We need to be able to hear you to answer the questions. Even if you don't have a microphone, if you have a phone you should be able to use it as a microphone. It is also necessary for communication with other staff in voice channels occasionally as well as interacting with the community

Strong Understanding of Rules - You should strongly understand our rules because these are the rules you will be enforcing. You should be able to tell when someone is breaking the rules as well as know what the rules are so you don't break them yourself. If you need clarification or would like further information on some rules, just ask for it.

Familiar with all Platforms - It is important to be familiar with all of our platforms because they are important for communication between staff and players. The Minecraft server is important to be familiar with the gameplay so you can help players who need it and this is where you will be doing the most moderating. The Discord is important for communication between other staff and interacting with the community. The forums will have important announcements and it is important to be somewhat familiar with out club.

No Major Punishments in the Last 2 Week - A major punishment is considered any bans for hacking, mutes for things such as discrimination or suicidal encouragement and other punishments that are similar to those. It is important that you don't have any in the last 2 weeks because those punishments are serious and I don't think someone can go from breaking rules about discrimination and suicidal encouragement to enforcing those same rules. 

Denial Reasons

Next up, we will be listing some common reasons people's applications get denied as well as how to avoid being denied for that reason. I hope this helps you as you write your application and I hope it helps you get through the application stage. It is highly recommended you read this section because it can help you a lot while writing your application.

Doesn't Meet Requirements - This denial reason is pretty straight forward. It means that you didn't meet at least one of the requirements. This may be unavoidable for requirements such as the minimum age of 14. However, for requirements such as being familiar with all platforms and strong understanding of the rules you can make sure you familiarize yourself with our platforms and read over the rules.

Not Enough Detail - One of the most common denial reasons I have seen is not enough detail. This may be because people are rushing through their application or they aren't sure of what to write. You shouldn't rush through your application but rather take your time and make sure you write it as best as possible. You should try to add as much detail as possible, but remember quality > quantity.

Lacking Experience - Some applications may be denied for lack of experience. This means that you showed a lack of moderation/staffing experience in your application. This denial reason is a little harder to get through. Although it isn't the only deciding factor, it is a big part in whether or not you make it. If you are denied for lacking experience, I recommend trying to increase your moderation experience by trying to get staff on other Minecraft or even Discord servers.

Plagiarism - This denial reason is seen a little less often, but it is still something I have seen quite a bit of. I hope this won't become an issue but if you are denied for this, it means you copied another person's application. There is no reason to copy someone else's application just because they got accepted. You should be truthful in your application so that we can truly determine if you are fit to become staff. If we see you copy multiple people's applications, you may even be punished. 

Poor History -  Poor history means that throughout your time on the server, we have observed immaturity, toxic behavior or actions that we don't want to see on our staff team. To get through this, you should try to act better in-game and in the Discord. We don't want to have staff members that have a past of immaturity or other toxic behaviors because it can make us look bad. 

Inactivity - It is important that you are at least relatively active on the server if you want to become staff. After all, there is no real point to become staff if you don't enjoy playing the server. Obviously things such as school can get in the way but overall you should be somewhat active on the server. It will make it much better for you to moderate if you actually enjoy playing the server.

Further Information

This section will talk about what we look for in applications and more information regarding applications and how you can do well past applications. 

In applications, we will mainly be looking at: Detail, Experience, Past Behavior and Punishments

Of course there are other factors that come into play when we read applications, but it is those 4 that we mainly look at.

Detail - We look for detail in applications because the more detail the more it can tell us about you as a player and a moderator. It can also show how much you want to get staff because if you don't show much detail, it gives the impression you don't want it as much as someone else.

Experience - Experience is another key factor we look for in applications. Not just in your response to the question about your moderation experience, but throughout your whole application shows how experienced you are with being staff and moderating. Having more experience shows us you will be able to perform well as a mod without much training needed. Although a lot of experience isn't necessary, it can help a lot.

Past Behavior - A major factor we also look at is your behavior in game and in the Discord. The way you interact with other players, how mature you can be etc. This is important because it can give an indication at how you will act as a staff member.

Punishments - We also look at your punishment history. This is mainly to see if you meet the requirement, but also to see what kind of person you are. If you have a bunch of warnings and mutes for immaturity, toxicity or spam it could be an indicator that you might not be the best choice for staff.

Once you receive your response to your application, we take into account your behavior after you get your response. If you are denied and you start complaining saying we are biased or saying that we made a mistake and whining in the Discord, it could lead to us not wanting to accept you the next time you apply. If you are accepted and start bragging about it to everyone, making fun of those who weren't accepted etc. then we might change our mind. 

After your application is accepted, you will move onto the next stage: Interviews.

I know interviews can seem intimidating, I myself have been in a situation where I was nervous during an interview. The best thing you can do to ease up the tension is to remember that it is just a Minecraft server. It isn't some major interview to get into your dream college. Also remember that we aren't looking at your mistakes but rather the positive side. We want to see how well you can do and learn more about you so there is nothing to worry about. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post! I assure you that it can help you greatly when trying to apply to become staff. I hope you are able to use it to help you get accepted. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the Discord. Thank you and good luck!

- Pndq

In the future this document may be edited, and with any major edits, you will be informed via the Discord.


Discord: Pndq#2240
In Game: Pndq

Joined Minehut - 9/25/16

Minehut Support Member - 10/6/19

Support Team Disbanded - 2/14/20


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