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commands.yml for PEX / LuckPerms


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This commands.yml intends to make it easier for a member of staff / new player to operate LuckPerms or PEX.

Download for LuckPerms | Download for PEX


/uaddp <user> <permission>: Adds a permission to a player

/udelp <user> <permission>: Removes a permission from a player

/usetg <user> <group>: Adds a player to a group

/usetpr <user> <prefix>: Sets a player's prefix

/usetsf <user> <suffix>: Sets a player's suffix

/gcreate <group>: Creates a group

/gaddp <group> <permission>: Adds a permission to a group

/gdelp <group> <permission>: Removes a permission from a group

/gsetpr <group> <prefix>: Sets a group's prefix

/gsetsf <group> <suffix>: Sets a group's suffix

/gseti <group> <parent>: Sets a group's inheritance


How to install:

1. Start up your server. I recommend joining so it doesn't turn off.


2. Locate commands.yml in root



3. Delete commands.yml. Do not delete if you have other commands, instead copy commands from mine to yours.



4. Locate and upload the commands.yml that you downloaded.



5. Save and restart the server.



6. Test the commands to ensure they work.

Screenshot from 2019-08-22 14-13-51.png

Screenshot from 2019-08-22 14-14-03.png


Screenshot from 2019-08-22 14-09-23.png

Edited by cymraeg

Owner of the servers powys, gwent, merthyr, ceredigion and valkyrja.


I'm very passive-aggressive. IGN: demonitisation

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