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Staff++ plugin request


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I would like to request Staff++ be added to the list of minehut plugins. It's a fork of the old Staff+ plugin.


The wiki explains the different features it has.
It retained all of Staff+ features but took out the bugs.
Some features got major improvements, like staff mode, warnings, reporting.
It introduced new features like investigation mode, banning, muting, a free to use web platform and so on.

Thank you

- Garagepoort

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  • Administrator

Thanks for the suggestion. We'll take a look at this next time new plugins are added to the panel.


Can you explain what issues / bugs are fixed in this plugin vs Staff+ since we already have this in the panel? As far as I can tell it still works fine.

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Open issues that are fixed in staff++

- GUI hub not opening
- Warnings and reports having multiple bugs when used with Mysql
- Other minor bugs which are not logged on github

Other than that I changed/added following features:

- New reporting system: https://wiki.staffplusplus.org/features/reporting
- New Warning system: https://wiki.staffplusplus.org/features/warnings
- Warnings can now be appealed
- Added: Kicking/muting/banning players
- Multiple staff chat channels
- Added Infractions overview
- Added Investigations
- Cross bungee support for: staff chat/ reports/ warnings/bans/mutes/investigations
- Enderchest/inventory viewing for on and offline players
- Vanish has been updated.
- Added a PAPI expansion
- Added a free to use webplatform. Example  https://web.staffplusplus.org/app/609867777ae82/group/1/dashboard
- Added teleport functionality
- Custom staff modules have been improved.
- A discord integration plugin to allow discord notification for warnings/reports/mutes,...
- Other small improvements

Most if it can been seen on the wiki: https://wiki.staffplusplus.org/

One major thing to notice is that Staff++ dropped support for 1.8 and below.

Thank you

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  • Administrator

More detail than I was expecting, but very welcome at that! I'll look into getting this plugin added, though it may still be a little bit, as the focus right now is on updating our existing plugins to support both 1.16 and 1.17. We don't currently offer Minecraft 1.8 support.


I also noticed you are the developer of this plugin. Feel free to add me on Discord and we can keep in touch / discuss more about this. My username and discriminator is pop4959#1781. If you reach out, please let me know if your username is different than it is here and Spigot.

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