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Put these in your title (or tags) when making a post about a specific topic

[Suggestion] or tag "suggestion" : When making any type of feature suggestion for TheStreets.

[Help] or tag "help" : When you need help about something.

[Report] or tag "report" : When reporting a player

[Appeal] or tag "appeal" : When appealing a punishment

[Game] or tag "game" : When making a forums game.



  • Have been using Skript for around 2 years.
  • Have been using Command Blocks for 3 years. I've stopped using them now.
  • Been programming for 4.5 years total.
  • Been on Minehut since 2015
  • Made 3 AntiCheats, an Essentials substitute, and custom items all in Skript.
  • Full resume on my Minehut About Me page.

And here is a seizure. You are very much welcome 🙂


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