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JumpVerse [1.8] and [1.16] Unique parkour!

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Hello, I'm Ashanti901 I'm currently a SrMod here at JumpVerse and here's what we have to offer!


Our Speedruns change every Monday, The maps are built by staff and are always fun to play and compete on with other players!

The rewards - our highest rank Dragon for the fastest time

and the rest of the placements get coins based on how fast you were!2021-05-25_14_14_00.thumb.png.013246baed22e65d5b44208c253a818d.png

Level Maker!

We have a fully skripted level editor that allows people that are stage 100+ to make a stage with the chance of it being added to "Adventure"

You are made to verify your level before sending it to staff to make sure the level is possible, Once sent

Staff that are SrMod+ will periodically look at levels and determine the difficulty and decide if it,

Should be added to our "Adventure" mode or into our Community levels.

Unfortunately how we store the levels means we need to have a block limit as avoid corruption and lag machines.



The reason we're Unique is that all our levels are player made stages 1-100 were made by staff at the start of JumpVerse!

Levels 100-464 are made by people in our /editor.


Custom Effect Blocks!

We have a collection of custom skripted effect blocks that add really cool twists to levels!

We also hope to add more in the future!

you can always head to spawn and check out what they all do if you're ever unsure.



Now you're probably like "Ugh in-game currency I bet you have to pay irl money for it" but aha no

our coin system is based on level difficulty so the harder rated the level is the more coins you can get

you can't buy coins with irl either 😄

you're wondering what you can use coins for well that's where our shop comes in

for 250 coins you can buy Member rank however you gotta be stage 90+ (This is the only rank for coins at the moment)

Ranks are not pay to win they grant no advantages ranks are purely cosmetic however as ranks scale so does the editor limit.
You can also buy Skip charms that well it skips the level you're on
Vision charms that show nearby barrier blocks

We also have paid ranks that are for the long time players who want to support us!

Like member the ranks only grant increased editor limit, Fly at spawn only! And a cool chat/tab prefix!Winning Video Game GIF by Lil Yachty





Our DISCORD server is a cool place to hangout and chat to people in the Channels we also have a linked channel

so if you want to chat to people in JumpVerse but can't get on you can!

We have a Suggestions Channel, we're always open to cool suggestions. 
We also like any server have a Ticket system if you guys have problem staff are pretty fast at replying!

IF there's ever a problem in game and no staff on you can always DM a staff member to help

The DISCORD is also a good place to see any updates/events we hold

Once in-game just do /disc join 😄



Summers around the corner....


If you're interested and read this far then... HI I hope to see you online!

Season 4 Fun GIF by Rick and Morty

IP: Jumpverse.minehut.gg





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