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Introducing Spelunking

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Hello! Do you like Mining? Do you love exploring endless caverns? Do you enjoy a convoluted storyline? Then Spelunking is the perfect server for you! 

Spelunking is planned to have an intriguing plot about the happenings in the supposedly cursed 'Groveshire Mines'. Little does the player know that these caves are far more than simply being cursed. A custom Resource pack is in the works for this server that adds custom armour, weapons, tools, materials, blocks and sounds, with 28 EXTRA materials to mine for! Plus, you'll be able to gain equipment to help you navigate through the winding and labyrinth like caves to find the source of whatever infests the mines. We even have an original soundtrack composed by myself to add more atmosphere and signature to possibly the greatest RPG experience Minehut has ever graced.

Currently, the server is in development and have yet to have an estimate on when a early alpha release will be ready. Until then, make sure to follow and see this server grow into an interactive world with creative characters and foreboding enemies which will stop your quest to destroy the evil that lurks in the deepest depths of the earth.


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