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SKUploader is a plugin developed by a friend of mine.

It basically makes it so that you can upload Skript files to the server using a command.

It is impossible to upload any type other than Skript.

I'd like to put this in because it's not always safe to give out your login information to someone online to put a Skript on the server nor is it nice being spammed with direct messages asking to add Skripts to the server.

This plugin prevents all of that hassle and makes it so that server developers can upload their own Skripts leaving the owner with peace of mind.

Here is a link to the SpigotMC page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skuploader.92639/

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  • Administrator

We are not looking to add custom plugins currently to the panel. Also, you should be able to upload scripts via the file manager. It does not require you giving someone else your sign-in information (nor should you do this). Simply send them the script so that they can upload it.

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