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Ban Appeal

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What is your username?


Were you muted or banned? 


What were you punished for?

Using auto crit

When were you punished?

The 23rd of May

Why should you be unbanned or unmuted?

This ban was quite sudden, and I was not given much of an explanation. As of the ban I was only using optifine 1.16.5. If anyone is wondering how I had so many crits, whenever you get hit you get knocked back and upwards a small amount. I try to time my strikes so that after I get hit I do a critical hit on someone as I am falling down from the knockback. For the video of me reporting pjhustle, I could not hit them a single time until near the end of the video where they died in one hit, and there was nobody else nearby so they could not have used the same knockback crit strategy.

Edit: I also want to know if I was banned by an anticheat or by a human moderator

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