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SLG Molly

Do we have any artists!?

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16 hours ago, Nightsent said:

just gonna yeet these terrible things into this topic

Ready for my art dump? Beware: tis frightfully bad


 i'm painting these shoeseh12321.thumb.jpg.6ce028d7264976f9b27ca303f5fddac8.jpg 

oop that's an old one


I am so sorry you have to see this one




beby cactus


painted my light switch panel things


version one - no stubble


version two - really bad stubble. so sorry you had to see the eyes on both of these!


let's not forget the campfire!


pour painting #1 (the type of painting that requires absolutely no talent)


pour painting #2 (I did like 15 of these in all different colors during the end of the last school year)


again, sorry if your eyes are bleeding from a few of those sketches. hopefully the unicorn barf painting at the very end makes up for it. (mumbles to self: "I wonder where that one that looks like dragon scales is...") I might post more of the pour paintings later if ya want..!

So cute ;-; I love the shoes and the cactus! <3

Support by day, AD Carry when I play.

Play Minecraft with me! I am SLG Molly online UwU

Screen Shot 2019-08-15 at 11.11.57 AM.png


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