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My Thoughts On The Staff (As a past staff member)


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        Good day everyone, with all the things with the staff team and Minehut going on, I thought I would share my thoughts on it. I applied around march 2020 I am pretty sure. I got accepted into a wave and was incredibly happy. I had an interview, a test, and some guidelines to look at. After about 1 month, people got denied, and others got accepted. I was one of the people who got accepted. I saw my volunteer work as a fun thing to do, and that it would help me in the future.

        Now, I can say that and you can ask "What does that have to do about now?" Well here it is. When you are 15 or 16, around the age that people will apply for staff on Minehut, you are also on barrier of getting a real job. I think that with application and interviews that Minehut does, it helps people in real life, when apply for a fast food, or a grocery store. You have more of an understanding of how a interview will go, what it is like, how you should act, as well as what you should prepare for.

        When Minehut removed volunteer staff, I think it did take apart the community a bit more, and it also did take away the real life take away on the whole idea. Who is to say where this will go, it may do amazing, and it may do poorly. Whatever does happen, I will always love and cherish my experiences as a staff and going through my wave, connecting with the Minehut community.

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Psalm 27:12


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