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So I have this SMP I created I put a lot of plugins and datapacks in it, but when I do /datapack list, the datapacks don't show up, I haven't been using Minehut for like half a year, and I remember datapacks used to work that time.
The Datapacks: MoreBoats, (from Planetminecraft), Graves, Fast leave Decay, Armor Statues, AFK Display and CraftTweaks (from vanillatweaks)

Question 2:

When I relog or something, I get teleported back to spawn and lose all my stuff? Is it maybe cuz of one of these plugins, or is it just some other problem. Plugins: Alchemical Arrows, BetterSleeping, BloodEffects, CustomImages, EnchantmentsPlus, EssentialsX, Minepacks, VeinMiner and WordGames+.

Question 3:

Does anyone know how the ManhuntPlus Plugin works? When i type /manhuntplus:runner (friends IGN) it says "[Manhunt+] You must be a player to use this command" or something like that, does anyone know why?

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