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LandBefore SMP with Plugins

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Hi everyone! LandBefore SMP free to play!



-There are no requirements to join the server 

We do ask to be relatively mature on certain topics. This is a safe place and a happy place for all members and we want to try and guarantee their safety.


Server Ip-

✨Java Ip; LandBefore.minehut.gg

✨Bedrock ip; Bedrock.minehut. com

✨Port; 19132 (the original port)

✨If you’re in bedrock, the server IP will take you to a lobby from there do /join LandBefore and it will take you there 🙂

✨If you’re on Java it will automatically take you to the server but if it does take you to the lobby just do /join LandBefore



✨This server is a Modded Survival Server. Luckily this server is Cross-platform. Meaning both Java & Bedrock can play on this server ✨There is many added features to the game including, Working Money System, Dungeons, Mini-games, Jobs, Chest Trading, Full Grief Prevention, Ranks, Crates, Running Trains, and so much more!

✨We have two gamemodes! 

PEACEFUL Zone- A lovingly community where everyone helps out and build beautiful houses together. 

WAR Zone- A war broke out at Land Before! Choose your guild or create your own. Kill of players, steak builds! Looking for fighters to protect our kingdoms. 


Contact Info-

✨Discord Server; https://discord.gg/B6gfV2qPBW

✨My Discord; DistantTurtle#6907

✨Website; https://landbefore.tebex.io

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