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Confirm Menu | 1.8 - 1.16 | Configurable


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This spigot plugin working with all versions of minecraft from 1.8 to 1.16 will allow you to easily add to a confirmation menu for all of your commands, including those added with your other plugins !
ConfirmMenu also has a system for easily changing languages between 9 different languages !

  • Confirmation Menu
  • Written confirmation
  • Configurable messages
  • Permissions
Code (YAML):
# List of commands that require confirmation
Commands: "reload, stop"
# List of commands that require a confirmation by writing "confirm"
CommandsWrite: "kick, ban"

# Enable open sound
OpenSound: true
# OP players have permission to skip confirmation by default ( confirmmenu.skip )
SkipPermsForOP: false
# Messages ( color codes are valid )
    ConfirmMessage: "&eAre you sure ?"
    WriteConfirmMessage: "&eWrite CONFIRM to confirm, or something else to cancel."
    CancelMessage: "&cCanceled !"
    MenuTitle: "&8&lCONFIRM"
    MenuConfirm: "&a&lCONFIRM"
    MenuCancel: "&c&lCANCEL"
    NewVersion: "&eA new version of the plugin is available !"
    UpdateFail: "&cCould not check for updates !"
# Changing the language will automatically change the configuration on the next reboot
# Available languages : EN | FR | ES | DE | TK | ZH | RU | PL | CZ | OTHER
Language : "EN"
# Check for updates and send a message to the console
UpdateCheck: true
Spoiler: French configuration
Spoiler: Spanish configuration
Spoiler: German configuration
Spoiler: Turkish configuration
Spoiler: Chinese configuration
Spoiler: Russian configuration
Spoiler: Polish configuration
Spoiler: Czech configuration
  • "confirmmenu.skip" : Skip confirmation ( can be disbled )
  • "confirmmenu.update" : Receiving update notification on connection

Become a donor to be added to this list and to obtain a rank on discord !


This plugin is made for servers using spigot, all functionality is not guaranteed on other types of servers.
New features are planned soon :

  • API System
  • Sounds gestion
  • Premium version

For any suggestions, questions or bugs, please use this : Message to MaximePremont

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