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✅ AlonsoLeaderboards [1.8-1.16] • Signs! Heads! Armorstands! NPC! Placeholders! DeveloperAPI!


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This is highly customizable leaderboard plugin.
Async mode for placeholders is in BETA, it's not recommended to use as many plugin wouldn't support it.

Respect my work. You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin in any setup. Make your own plugin if you want to do that.
You can also create leaderboards based on placeholders from PlaceholderAPI if they return a valid number/double.
With linked leaderboards you will be able to order leaderboards based on one placeholder (number/decimal) but display other. Example: order by player balance, but display formatted balance like 20k, 150M, etc.
Check also native supported plugins.

Tested on 1.8.8, 1.9.2, 1.10.2, 1.11.2, 1.12.2, 1.13.2, 1.14.4, 1.15.2, 1.16.2
You are not allowed to post/move/copy this on mcbbs.net or similar. Don't insist.
If you find this post in other forum, send me a message with the link so it can be reported.

If you want to contribute with a translation in your native language, feel free to dm me the translation.


Looking for a Leaderboards plugin?
You tried a lot but none worked?
Looking for an easy way to add leaderboards for your plugin?

Well, I am! I created this plugin because of that.

What is this?
This is a dependency for my current plugins AND possible future plugins.

And what it does?
It basically allows me to add leaderboards to the game from my plugins just providing data to the API.

I'm not a developer, can I use it?
If you have a plugin that supports AlonsoLeaderboards, just download it and copy it to your plugins folder.

I'm a developer, can I use it?
Yes, I made a really easy to use API so all developers can hook and add their own leaderboards.

Note: You must know java, please do not leave bad reviews because you are not a developer or don't understand how to use it.



  • Heads support! BETA!
    • Heads is supported in the block behind the sign.
    • Heads is supported in the block above sign.
  • Armorstand support! BETA x10000!
    • Player head in armorstand!
    • Like in the well-known network!
    • Easy to setup. Just one command!
  • Armorstand protection!BETA!
    • Protects armorstand from being destroyed by players.
  • Sign protection!BETA!
    • Protects sign from being destroyed by players.
    • This does NOT protect from breaking the block where sign is placed.
    • This does NOT protect from explosion or any other type of damage but players breaking directly the sign. Use a protection plugin like WorldGuard.
  • Head protection!BETA!
    • Protects heads from being destroyed by players.
  • Particles for location!BETA!
    • Option for developers to spawn particles or do something in sign location when it's updated.
    • This is option and it's up to the developer to use it or not.
  • Easy to place leaderboards! BETA!
    • Creating leaderboard signs is easy!
    • Change aliases for main command!
    • The main command will always be /pluginname
  • NPC support! BETA!
    • Yes! You can now use Citizens2 for leaderboards!
    • Display player NPC with skin for tops!
    • Custom name for NPC if top is available.
    • Custom name for NPC if top is not available.
  • Inventory support! BETA!
    • Yes! You can see players heads in a nice looking GUI!
    • Inventory size and slots can be customized!
  • Placeholder leaderboards! BETA!
    • Create leaderboards based on a placeholder easily!
    • Use ANY plugin placeholder to create leaderboards based on amounts!
  • Introducing linked placeholder! A NEW LEVEL OF LEADERBOARDS! BETA!
    • Create leaderboards based on a placeholder but display other!
    • Useful to create leaderboard based on amounts but display a string.
    • Useful for system related with levels, ranks, elo, etc.
  • Highly customizable! BETA!
    • Almost everything in this plugin can be customized!
    • Easy to use for developers!
    • Developers can add leaderboards easily!
  • PlaceholderAPI support!BETA!
    • Native placeholders that allows you to get data easily.
    • "Fixed" placeholders that returns the placeholder itself if a ranking is not found. (For developers)
    • Placeholders to use in holograms with other plugins.
  • Holo command! BETA!
    • Setup basic holographic leaderboard easily.
    • OP is required in order to not have issues with permissions.
    • Do NOT run the same command twice.
  • Placeholders with the remaining time before updating! BETA!
    • Get time before updating leaderboard in watch format.
    • Get time before updating leaderboard in human readable format.
  • Frames! BETA!
    • A stained glass pane will appear now if no data is available.
    • A stained glass pane will appear now in all empty slots.
  • Async mode for placeholders! BETA!
    • This is not safe to use as many plugins won't support it.
    • Recommended to not use it unless you know what it means.
    • Errors with this mode won't be fixed as they are not from this plugin and most likely from the target plugin which adds the placeholder.
  • Configuration auto update.
    • Configuration will be updated on plugin update.
    • Comments will be removed on config update.
  • Update checker.
    • Be notified when there is a new update.





Check supported plugins in our Github

Heads support. (Above attached block) BETA!

Heads support. (Above the leaderboard sign) BETA!

Armorstand support. BETA!

Custom text - head if ranking is not found. BETA!

PlaceholderAPI support to use in holograms. BETA!
You can use this feature to display holographics leaderboards!
Requires HolographicDisplays, HolographicExtension and ProtocolLib

Effect when updating. (Depends on the plugin that adds the leaderboard) BETA!
Can't see the gif? Click here

Instant update first time you create the leaderboard. BETA!
Can't see the gif? Click here

Small armorstand support. BETA!
Can't see the gif? Click here

Normal armorstand support. BETA!
Can't see the gif? Click here

Works with all sign types. BETA!

Supports for strings. (Not only numbers) BETA! CHECK WIKI!
Can't see the gif? Click here

NPC support! (Requires Citizens2)

Inventory support!

Linked placeholder! (Read features for more info)

Create basic holo-leaderboard with one command.
Can't see the gif? Click here

Placeholder with time remaining to update leaderboard.
Can't see the gif? Click here

Stained glass pane for empty tops and empty slots.
Can't see the gif? Click here

Check our placeholders in our Github


Installing the plugin in your server:

  • Download the plugin from SpigotMC.org
  • Copy the jar file into you plugins folder.
  • Restart the server.
  • Edit what you want in configuration files.
  • Restart the server.
Permissions are configurable in configuration files.

Check our commands and permissions in our Github


Feel free to DM me your reviews! ^^

This is a simple plugin, i don't think it requires more features.
However if you consider your suggestion should be added, let me know in discussion tab.

Gamemode FFA
Let us know if your server is using it! ;)

1) Why is this BETA? That means it has bugs?
 No, plugin should not have bugs. I use BETA because I like the word, I guess.

2) I like your plugins. Can I suggest you cool ideas for new ones?
 Sure, join my discord server and let me know. I'll evaluate the suggestion
and decide if I wanna code it or not. Making a suggestion doesn't mean it will be made.

3) What plugins support this?
 Technically this plugin support any plugin with PlaceholderAPI support that returns a number/double.
Plugins with native support list can be found in our Github

4) Why is this plugin free?
 Why not?

5) I'm a developer, can I use it to add leaderboards to my plugin?
 Yes! Check our developer guide on how to add leaderboards in our Github

6) I'm not a developer. Can I use it?
 If you are using a plugin that supports AlonsoLeaderboards then you should install it.
If you are not using any plugin with native support, you can still create leaderboards
based on placeholders from PlaceholderAPI if it returns a number/double!

😎 I think this plugin already exists..
 No. All my plugins are coded from zero.

9) I love it! How can I support you?
 You can support me by joining my discord and sharing my plugins with your friends.
You can also help me by requesting your favorite youtuber to review my plugins.
Donating is also an option, all donations will be appreciated.

10) Can i post this in mcbbs.net?

11) Are you sure?
 Yes, I'm sure. You are not allowed to post it.

12) Help me, it's not working in my server!
 Before reviewing the resource. Make sure you have installed all dependencies if required.
It the error persists. Paste startup console log in https://sourceb.in/ and post it in discussion tab or join my server.


Follow this Tutorial to place leaderboards using our plugin!
Follow this Tutorial to create leaderboard!
Follow this Tutorial to create linked leaderboard!

Check this guide to add your own leaderboards to your plugin


If you find any bugs, errors or want to request a feature.
Join my discord or use our issue tracker.

Review section is not place to report errors.

    • None yet! :)
Did you save money using my plugins instead of buying others?
You like my job and want to support me?
Consider donating so I can keep coding more plugins like this.


By downloading this resource you agree all following terms and conditions:

  • You are not permitted to redistribute the plugin in any form, including as a part of any software package.
  • You are not permitted to decompile or modify the plugin in any form.
  • You are not permitted to claim this resource as your own creation.

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