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Player Profiles [1.8-1.16] - Custom Model Data, Unlimited GUIs, Highly Customizable!


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WIKI: https://aglerr.gitbook.io/wiki/
Full information on what changes are on the wiki!


Player Profiles is a plugin to shows players profile in a very modern way, you can shows player armor, main hand/off hand, or maybe the whole players inventory if you want and also you can create a custom GUIs as many as you want.

  • PlaceholderAPI, CombatLogX support
  • Create a Custom GUI.
  • Custom Head Support (base64, textures, player)
  • Shows specific slots of player's inventory.
  • CustomModelData support.
  • Unlimited Items
  • Lightweight
  • Highly Customizable
  • ....


  • /playerprofiles - shows help message.
  • /playerprofiles help - shows help message.
  • /playerprofiles toggle - lock/unlock your profile.
  • /playerprofiles reload - reload the configuration.
  • /playerprofiles creategui <name> - create a custom gui.
  • /playerprofiles deletegui <name> - delete a custom gui.
  • /playerprofiles opengui <name> - open a custom gui.
  • /playerprofiles listgui - shows a list of loaded custom gui.
  • /profile - open your own profile.


  • playerprofiles.admin
  • playerprofiles.toggle
  • playerprofiles.profiles
  • playerprofiles.profiles.others
  • playerprofiles.viewinteract
  • playerprofiles.bypass.world
  • playerprofiles.bypass.combat
  • playerprofiles.bypass.blocked
  • playerprofiles.bypass.cooldown

Complete explanation about commands & permissions are on the wiki.

Lock/Unlock your profiles. (Old showcase)

See the plugin in action (Old showcase)

Permissions Items
(With Permission)
(Without Permission)

Integrated Custom GUI


ONLY_VISITOR Items (Added on 5.5)

Check Distance Features (Added on 5.5)

ignore the activate windows :p
  1. Upload the plugin jar to your server.
  2. Install PlaceholderAPI plugin to your server.
  3. Restart the server.
  4. Done!

Plugin Configs:

Spoiler: config.yml
Spoiler: custom-items.yml


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