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LevelPoints [1.8~1.16.5] - MYSQL | Replacment to MMOCORE


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The plugin LevelPoints is a custom leveling plugin that can be used on servers as a simple factor to add challenge all the way to RPG & network servers, while delivering optimized code and great performance

  • SQL - Easy to setup and configure allowing for server owners to save they're player data across servers, great for networks.
  • Custom ways to earn EXP - Killing players, mining blocks, killing mobs, timed, fishing, farming.
  • Pvp Levels - Wanna give new players a chance?, well now you can with PVP levels, limit what level a player has to be to enter combat with another player.
  • Level Ores - Leveling ores allows you to configure what level a player has to be to mine the ore (all blocks can be added), giving your players a challenge and a reason to levelup.
  • Custom EXP Levels - 100% customize how much exp a player is required to gain before leveling up.
  • Lang.yml - Fully customizeable lang file with messages allowing you to theme your server how you want
  • Prestige - Give your players a fun challenge and braging rights on your server with prestige.
  • Boosters - Custom boosters to give your users a reward on a store or in game tasks allowing your players to gain exp faster (no limit on multiplier values).
  • In-built features - Levelpoints has a custom inbuilt actionbar allowing the player to see their leveling progress, and chat plugin allowing for per level formats, and easy alternative for essentials.
  • Rewards - Custom rewards (currently 4 diffrent reward methods) allowing you to reward your players for gaining a certain level.
  • UUID - All player data is saved based on uuid, no worries about users changing their name as it will auto update.
  • Placeholders - custom placeholders to use for scoreboards or even in chat
  • LevelUp Bonuses, (Damage based on level)
  • Mythic Mobs Hook
  • Regions locked with levels
  • Tool Level - required level to use tool/item
  • LorinthsRpgMobs - required level and earn exp support
Commands / permissions

  • reload / lp.admin.reload (will reload main lps files, not reloading player files, nor reloading any otherSettings files)
  • info (player) / lp.player (used to show info about the user)
  • booster / (will open a gui for users to select what booster they want to select and use)
  • booster give <player> <multiplier> <time> <amount> / lp.* (will give player the set multiplier and amount)
    (time includes s,m,h,d) only
  • prestige / lp.player (will prestige the player resetting all levels and exp, if they are at max level will all exp fillied, but in return they will go up in a prestige)
  • expgive <player> <amount> / lp.admin.give (will give selected player, the selected amount of exp
  • expremove<player> <amount> / lp.admin.remove (will remove selected player, the selected amount of exp
  • top / lp.player (will show the top 10 players based on levels)
  • setlevel <player> <level> / lp.admin (will set a players level bypassing any requirements, and even bypassing max level, use at own risk)
  • setprestige <player> <prestige> / lp.admin (will set players prestige level not resetting them)
  • addlevel <player> <level> / lp.admin (will add levels to a player instead of setting the level)
  • toggle / lp.player (will toggle the actionbar for the player who types the command, only if the actionbar is true on config.yml
  • setrequirement <level> / lp.* (will set a items level which will force the player to be that level or higher to use item)
  • removerequirement / lp.* (will remove item level no longer requiring level to use)
Coming Soon
you can either dm on here or discord Zoon20X#1024 or join the discord
Code (YAML):
%LevelPoints_player_level% - *Displays user level.*
%LevelPoints_exp_amount% - *Displays amount of exp.*
%LevelPoints_exp_required% - *Required amount of exp.*
%LevelPoints_exp_progress% - *Progress shown as a percentage.*
%LevelPoints_prestige% - *Shows your current prestige.*
%LevelPoints_progress_bar% - *Shows a progress bar.*
%LevelPoints_Top_Name_X%  /  %LevelPoints_Top_Level_X% - *Displays top user name & level.*
Spoiler: DeveloperAPI

When donating message me what you want to advertise and i will post it next to the donation, (wanna donate? message me on discord and i will direct you how you can)
DecaCrafter(Paypal:$10): Youtube
kliTi2000(Paypal:$1 EUR): play.pvpshield.it
IronSlimesta(Patreon): HouseEmbers.xyz
Greg(Paypal:$20): https://www.twitch.tv/grxgtv/

Donate Here
All donations are amazing, but are not needed, if you do have spare money and choose to donate it means alot

Who am i?
Hello my name is Zoon! I develop plugins in my free time as a hobby, and my goal is to make as many people happy as I can. Any plugin developed by me is 100% free unless requested for a private server. My goal is to make custom unique plugins that you would not normally see on Spigot.


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