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Auction Master | Literally big server name skyblock auction house |


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Sign Dependency: ProtocolLib
You will need ProtocolLib for the signs to work, if not anvil gui will open up.
You will also need a currency plugin like Vault
and you will need a plugin to handle coins, for example Essentials.

You can support original developer qKing12#1918 with buying his premium plugin RoyaleEconomy
RoyaleEconomy is the best economy plugin (Includes bank, black market, shops and more!) in the marketplace



Almost every item in the menu is costumizable, even the
admin menu, so there are multiple configs with multiple options. Almost every setting is explained with a comment above it. The comments also contain placeholders for the setting (every setting has a specific set of palceholders, they are not global).

The auction menu is made out of 4 main elements: Auction Browser, View Bids, Manage Auctions, Delivery.

In Manage Auctions Menu are displayed your own auctions, if there are any,
otherwise it will open an auction creator menu. For creating a new auction you will have to pay a fee for the starting bid and the duration of the auction (both configurable). You can have maximum 28 auctions at the same time.

The View Bids Menu displays all items you have a bid on and also tells you on how many of them you hold the top bid.
You can have maximum 28 bids at the same time.

An auction will have the following display, mostly configurable:

The Auction Browser Menu is made of more categories in which auctions will be filtered (the way the items are asigned can be modified in the specific category config).
Also, the Auction Browser Menu has a Search feature as well as a Sorting system!
The duration of an auction is dynamically displayed in auction browser menu.

Bids of an auction are displayed on a bid history item while inspecting the auction. If you have a previous bid on the auction and want to bid again, it will take from your balance only the difference between the previous bid and the new bid but at each new bid you must bid atleast 15% more coins than the top bid.


Auctions Data is stored in a SQLite file and updated based on auction interaction, the auction data is updated all the time but retrieved only on server start.

Deliveries are special, they are stored separately in a SQLite file so they are updated constantly. Deliveries can be given only by admins via the admin menu.
Example for their use: An unclaimed auction stays in the main database for a very long period and you want to get rid of it. You can delete it in two ways, by deleting the items & bids (so they will be lost forever) or by deleting the auction and sending the items & bids to their owners via a delivery.

If there are any errors that result in some players losing their items, you can get them back! In the logs file, when an auction is created, the item from that auction will be stored in base64 and it can be given to a player via a console command /ahadmin give <player> <base64 item>. The base64 item is a very long string with random characters and it will appear in logs like this: "[%time stamp%] (Advanced) Item in base64: %item%". If you have problems with getting the items, please contact me (my discord down below or just give me a message on spigot).

I tried to give the admins alot of control so, as you will notice, it is pretty rich in options.
The main admin command is /ahadmin and it will open the main admin menu but
you can also check the list of admin commands with /ahadmin help.
The permission to use admin commands and menus is auctionmaster.admin but it can be changed into the config.
Images with the Admin Menu:

This plugin is compatible with Citizens! You can create a NPC that will open the menu when clicked!
The created NPC is like a normal NPC, you can edit anything about it except it's name or it won't work anymore.

The currency of this plugin is also flexible! You can use normal Vault or you can use a Skript variabile as currency! For more info about the usage of Skript just check the comments in the currency.yml config.
The plugin also supports TokenManager and PlayerPoints.

This plugin has HeadDatabase Compatibility!
You can set the id of an item to 'skull: hdb-id' and the head with that id will be displayed!
If the id is not valid, the head will become a question mark.

You can asign heads with texture without HeadDatabase by simply using: 'skull: username' or 'skull: texture value'

The plugin also has PlaceholderAPI Compatibility!
You can use placeholders inside the menus (not everywhere but in most places).

The plugin currently offers only 2 placeholders:
%auctionmaster_own_auctions% » Number of auctions you have
%auctionmaster_own_bids% » Number of auctions you placed a bid on
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