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!!! Help with skript !!!

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This has not been tested yet, but I believe it should work

	key: tripwire hook named "&7Key"
	errormessage: &cYou need to use a key to get into this area!
	successmessage: &aYou can now access the area whenever you want!

# You should only edit the messages above, change the key: variable to whatever item, replace "tripwire hook named "&7Key"" with anything you like like
# You can also change the success messages and error messages above.

on right click:
	player's held item is 1 of {@key}
	remove 1 of {@key} from player's inventory
	add player's uuid to {allowedPlayers::*}
	send "{@successmessage}" to player

on region enter:
	if "%region at player%" contains "place":
		if {allowedPlayers::*} does not contain player's uuid:
			cancel event
			send "{@errormessage}" to player


Hello! I'm SoloStrafe!


Skript (4+ years experience)

Most of the plugins on MH


- Westmine (Developer)

- Mineport (Admin)



I got VIP rank on 8/1/2019 -> Current

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