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Can someone help!


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I made 2 scripts where if your below y20 you die and when you kill a player you get 1 honeycomb but when i punch a player off and they die from y20 i want it to count as a kill so that I get the honeycomb but right now i dont get it they just die from it the 2 scripts were.


    kills give honeycomb                                                       

on death of a player:                
    if attacker is a player:                                                                                               Void insta kill
        give honeycomb to the attacker                                                                        on any move:
                                                                                                                                            if y coord of player is less than 20:
                                                                                                                                                     kill player

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Likes are appreciated ❤️


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Experienced in Python, Java (mainly spigot), Javascript (node.js, basics of react.js), and Web Development. DM on discord me if you want a custom discord bot for your server (i'm bored).

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