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I wanted to suggest adding a plugin to the plugin list. This plugin is a Hide or Hunt plugin. Hide or Hunt is a minigame / competition where players can be placed in solo teams, or teams of 2 or 3. This is a game where the goal is for each team to make a secret hidden base to hide their beacon in. This beacon is the life line for the team. It is the only place they can craft at and if it is destroyed that team is on their last life and will be eliminated once killed. The goal is to be the last base standing, aka the only team with their beacon in tact. This would require people to not only think outside the box when it comes to hiding their base but it requires them to think about how other players would think when searching to destroy their beacons.

Down below I posted a link to a hide or hunt plugin. This one is free and it's only requirement to work is a permissions plugin (for example Luck Perms which I believe is already on the plugin list for mine Hut.) Other then that it should be pretty easy.



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