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The Minehut hunger games


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I decided to input some Minehut staff members, minehut players, and random people  into a hunger games simulator. Here's the teams

Team 1 (the managers): Bennydoesstuff and Motionq

Team 2 (the devs): Trent and ZeroParticle

Team 3 (the karaoke "friends"): Ceppy and Nightsent

Team 4 ( The Sr. Mods): _Rascal and ThatOnetqnk

Team 5 (The Jack Gang): Jackson85 and JackJack33

Team 6 (The Mods): R2n and Ninventoo

Team 7 (The Jrs): xMuel and TheRustySpud

Team 8 (SLG Staff): SLGMolly and Deeph_Eriksen

Team 9 (savages): Vocall and Chuck Norris

Team 10 (youtubers):  InfamousJackson and Hazry

Team 11 (Cool nerds): TacticalModz and skQuery

Team 12 (randos): Pope Francis and Skeppy

May the odds be ever in their favor. Please note that all characters have nicknames. Here's what happens:

"As the tributes stand on their podiums, the horn sounds.

Benny and haz fight for a bag. haz gives up and retreats.

Rascal severely slices Moti with a sword.

francis snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag.

Cep runs away from the Cornucopia.

R2 beep boop runs away from the Cornucopia.

query grabs a shovel.

Voc grabs a backpack and retreats.

tactical runs into the cornucopia and hides.

Zero runs away from the Cornucopia.

Chuck grabs a backpack and retreats.

Nintendo runs away from the Cornucopia.

deeph runs away from the Cornucopia.

Night runs away from the Cornucopia.

Tqnk runs away from the Cornucopia.

jack1 runs away from the Cornucopia.

jackie chan and skep fight for a bag. jackie chan gives up and retreats.

rusty stabs Muel in the back with a trident.

Jack2 runs away from the Cornucopia.

Trent runs away from the Cornucopia.

molly finds a backpack full of camping equipment.

Day 1

query runs away from Jack2.

Voc tries to spear fish with a trident.

jackie chan, Zero, and Benny hunt for other tributes.

haz tends to Tqnk's wounds.

skep hunts for other tributes.

molly tends to francis's wounds.

jack1 steals from Rascal while he isn't looking.

Chuck receives clean water from an unknown sponsor.

R2 beep boop overhears rusty and deeph talking in the distance.

Nintendo kills Night with a sickle.

Cep defeats Trent in a fight, but spares his life.

tactical tries to sleep through the entire day.

Motionq, Nightsent, and xMuel die on day 1

Day 2

molly begs for jackie chan to kill her. He refuses, keeping molly alive.

haz, Trent, Nintendo, and francis form a suicide pact, killing themselves.

Zero thinks about winning.

Benny convinces Cep to snuggle with him.

Rascal thinks about winning.

query receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

deeph and skep huddle for warmth.

Voc fends R2 beep boop, rusty, and jack1 away from his fire.

Chuck sets up camp for the night.

tactical tends to her wounds.

Jack2 defeats Tqnk in a fight, but spares his life.

Hazry, Ninventoo, Trent, and Pope Francis die on day 2

Day 3

Zero is pricked by thorns while picking berries.

Voc tries to spear fish with a trident.

query scares skep off.

Chuck tends to deeph's wounds.

R2 beep boop camouflauges himself in the bushes.

Jack2 makes a wooden spear.

jack1 travels to higher ground.

Cep searches for a water source.

Rascal receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor.

rusty practices his archery.

Tqnk sets an explosive off, killing tactical, jackie chan, molly and Benny.

TacticalModz, InfamousJackson, SLGMolly, and Bennydoesstuff die on day 3.  JackJack33 and Deeph attempt to climb a tree in the night and die.

Day 4

Rascal travels to higher ground.

Cep receives an explosive from an unknown sponsor.

skep hunts for other tributes.

rusty, Voc, and Tqnk get into a fight. Tqnk triumphantly kills them both.

Chuck collects fruit from a tree.

Zero collects fruit from a tree.

jack1 receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor.

R2 beep boop constructs a shack.

query dies from thirst.

TheRustySpud, Vocall, and SkQuery die on day 4.

Day 5/The Feast

R2 beep boop sets an explosive off, killing skep, Chuck, and Rascal.

Tqnk accidently steps on a landmine.

Cep decides not to go to The Feast.

Zero destroys jack1's memoirs out of spite.

Skeppy, Chuck Norris, _Rascal, and Tqnk die on day 5.

Day 6

jack1 attacks Cep, but he manages to escape.

Zero tries to sleep through the entire day.

R2 beep boop picks flowers.

In the night:

Zero kills Cep with a sickle.

R2 beep boop severely slices jack1 with a sword.

Ceppy dies on day 6.

Day 7

Zero stabs R2 beep boop while his back is turned.

Ceppy, Jackson85, and R2n die on day 7."

ZeroParticle wins the hunger games

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