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is there a better way to write this?

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im trying to write a skript, but whenever i load it, my game freezes


on player jump:
    loop all players:
        spawn bat or cat or chicken or cod or cow or donkey or fox or horse or mooshroom or mule or ocelot or parrot or pig or puffer fish or rabbit or salmon or sheep or skeleton horse or snow golem or squid or strider or tropical fish or turtle or villager or wandering trader or bee or cave spider or dolphin or enderman or iron golem or llama or piglin or panda or polar bear or spider or wolf or zombified piglin or blaze or creeper or drowned or elder guardian or endermite or evoker or ghast or guardian or hoglin or husk or magma cube or phantom or piglin brute or ravager or shulker or silverfish or skeleton or slime or stray or vex or vindicator or witch or wither skeleton or zoglin or zombie or zombie villager or enderdragon or wither or giant or zombie horse or illusioner

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uhh...... that will spawn all mobs at every player whenever someone jumps...


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