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Why suggested plugins are never added?


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The title of the thread says it all, I easily saw over 20 messages in this forum suggesting a specific plugin FROM A AUTHOR PLUGINS OF WHICH ARE ALREADY USED BY MINEHUT, but somehow, the staff always ignores it, like literally, they prefer to add a unknown Dream's Hunt plugin replica instead of useful functions plugins, smh.

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@MineHutUser0827312 Minehut receives a lot of plugin suggestions, and sometimes there are conflicts going on with the plugin authors which cause the issues of not being added. If a plugin is not added and there is a reason as to why, @pop4959 will always make sure to reply to the post and explain the situations. If it has been a long time with no reply to the post and you don't see it added onto the list, I suggest replying to the post (if it has been less than a month since it was last posted/replied to) or creating a new post with that plugin, the name, the features, and the link to the plugin asking for it to be reviewed. Minehut receives a lot of plugin suggestions and it is not always easy to keep up with all of the posts...

Hope you understand and hope this helps explain!

[Btw, something like this should be posted under "Help" or "General", not "Plugin Suggestions" as you are complaining/asking a question rather than asking for a plugin to be added. Don't create a new post with the same stuff, just wait for a staff member to move this to the correct section.]

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I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy about the plugins that have been added recently. We receive a huge number of suggestions, and try to add them based on popularity, but we also have to carefully review each plugin before they are put into the panel. Like @BanditEagle mentioned above, please comment on a recent topic for the plugin(s) you are interested in and feel free to ask for status. As a heads-up, I have been very busy lately and so I'm a bit behind on responding to recent posts in topics, however I do plan respond to every one as soon as I get a chance.

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