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Server crashing on startup



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I removed multiverse and it seems it work, after tons of testing i think i've figured out the problem. When I load in too many worlds the server throws up the annotated error. it's definitely interesting as i don't know how to delete worlds without multiverse.


Edit one - Yup, the problem occured when I load in too many worlds, i think about three. It's probably because i'm losing space to minehut not deleting plugin configs when you remove plugins. I deleted all my warps from file manager and server starts up again. I'll try removing unneeded plugin and config files and will edit again, thanks for all the help 🙂

Edit two - Turns out minehut has inbuilt deleting, command is /delete

Edit 2.9 - Trying to install multiverse, mv inventories and mv portals again, lets see if it works.

Edit 2.91 - LETS (Can i swear here?) F**CKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, Multiverse loaded without any errors, time to try setting up my spawn worlds and stuff. Thanks for the help everyone.

Edit 2.92 - After I loaded in two worlds and tried setting things up, server stopped responding to ingame commands, which is a sign that's its about to die lol oof. Might not work, but i'm still happy that it loaded in Multiverse without issues. The error is back, time to debug.

Edit 3 - Tried reseting multiverse's config, didn't work. Had to remove it, i'll try downloading a RAM Optimisation plugin or something of that kind.

Ending - At this point, it seems unreasonable to try working on the server. I'm going to reset it because managing worlds is very important and i think I can implement new things to the server now, Thank you all for helping 🙂

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It says thay You spawned a large fireball. Maybe that's why?

Try backup

Dashboard-> backup -> restore now


Dashboard -> danger zone -> repair files (may remove some plugins etc.)

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@TheElder I suggest creating a skript for now and making it so it kills all entities every 1 seconds, and after adding it, restart the server and wait a little bit. Then try joining. Let me know how it goes!

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Wait what, a fireball?
Wait i'll try repairing config, brb.


It let me join the spawn world, but didn't process any commands and kicked me 😞

Edit instead of double post - I tried the restore server thing, it restored it to a very old version, i tried restoring it back to recent state through "server data" but that just brought the issue back.

We've progressed a lot since that bacup, it would suck to have to do all that again. Is there anything else i can do?


Second edit instead of double post - Server lets me join after repairing config, kicks me after ~15 seconds. I suspect the hub of my server is in RAM, as that would explain me spawning in a hub that has some parts unloaded, and also explains me getting kicked from the server. 

Edit three - I added a skript to cancel fireball spawning, my friend and I were able to join the server for a few seconds, we could even chat, but after the last message from console loaded in, it kicked us. Logs attached.


message (2).txt


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