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Pls help me whit my script idk whats wrong whit it.

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on break:
    if player's world is "simulator":
        if player isn't op:
            if event-block isn't oak wood or spruce wood or birch wood or dark oak wood:
                cancel event
                send "&cYou cant break this here"
                set {_block} to event-block
                set event-block to bedrock
                drop event-block at location of event-block
                wait 10 seconds
                set event-block to {_block}
                chance of 2%:
                    give player honeycomb named "&6&lCrystal Coin"
            set event-block to air

the line whit set event-block to {_Block}

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1. Wrong category of the thread!

2.Can You show the error?

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Moved to Skript Discussion

Please post in the skript discussion category whenever requesting help with anything related to Skript.

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