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hello i am trying to make a skript to spawn the mob that the player types in and ineed to know how to set the mob to spawn to what they types and how to spawn it then


here is my skript so far:

command mob [<text>]:
	permission: {@permission}
	permission message: {@pm}
	usage: /spawn (mob)
		if arg-1 is not set:
			send "{@prefix} Please enter a mob" to player
			send "{@prefix} Summoning Mob of:"
			wait 15 ticks
			send "&7Mob: %arg-1%"
			set {mob::%uuid of player%} to arg-1
			wait 15 ticks
			send "{@prefix} At your location"
			spawn {mob::%uuid of player%} at location of player




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You need to parse the variable as a mob since you are currently trying to spawn in text. 

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