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Need Help with CratesPlus



So basically the dev of Crates+ hasen't fixed it in a while and im confused since you can't auto put items in the chest anymore

        Type: ITEM
        Item Type: IRON_SWORD
        Item Data: 0
        Percentage: 0
        Name: '&6&lExample Sword'
        Amount: 1
      Name: '%type% Crate Key'
      Enchanted: true
    Knockback: 0.0
    Broadcast: false
    Firework: false
    Preview: true
    Block: CHEST
    Color: AQUA
    Type: KeyCrate

I would Like to know the following setups

1. How to add enchantments

2. Find out how to add more than one item 

3. Is there any other way than doing it from minehut, if so can I have the link and a video How-To if needed.

SIimeFun.minehut.gg a WIP server with SlimeFun plugin to join  

Copy and paste SIimeFun.minehut.gg in the multiplayer or type it in with a L being a uppercase i!


Type /join SIimeFun

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