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How to use GriefPrevention and GriefPrevention Flags


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q


REQUIREMENTS: GriefPrevention and GriefPrevention Flags

Introduction to GriefPrevention and GriefPrevention Flags:

GriefPrevention is a plugin that allows players to claim their areas within a certain amount of blocks. This plugin allows players to prevent other player’s destroying their builds. Grief prevention flags is a plugin that allows you to deny/allow certain things in a selected claim.

PLAYER GUIDE (Grief Prevention)

To get the golden shovel and stick you need to make claims just do /kit claim, you can use the kit once every 10 minutes. Go over to an area that you want to claim with the golden shovel in your hand and left click on a spot (a), and right click on another (b). If you want to make another claim do the same thing in a different spot.

You realize you can't see your other claim, that's when the stick becomes handy. Right click on a space that you claimed and it should be highlighted.

Moving on to trusting people, do /trust <username> and that specific player should be allowed to build in that claim. If you don't want them to build, just to open chests and other containers, that would be /containertrust <username>.
If you do /trustlist you can see all the players you've trusted with their specific kind. If you just want them to use buttons, levers, etc. that would be /accesstrust <username>. If you don't want a player doing anything on your plot anymore, do /untrust <username>. There is one more level of trust, if you do /permissiontrust <username>, that gives them complete access to your plot/claim. 

ADMIN GUIDE (Grief Prevention)

To activate admin claims do /adminclaim, and do what you usually do for a player claim. To gain access to all claims, you do /ignoreclaims. You can also abandon claims, select the claim you want to abandon with the stick, and do /abandonclaim. If you banned a player or just need to remove a claim for a reason, you can do /abandonallclaims <username>. To make sure that the claims are all gone, you can do /claimlist <username>. If you want to transfer a selected claim to someone, you do /transferclaim <username>. If you do /softmute <username>, only admins will be able to see that chat.
- Click
here to see the permission nodes.

ADMIN GUIDE PT.  2 (Grief Prevention Flags) 

Make sure you have a claim selected, and do /gpflags setclaimflag <flag> <parameters>, and use one of the ones listed below.



  • AllowPVP - allow or deny PVP 
  • ChangeBiome - change the biome a
  • CommandBlackList - blacklist commands from being used
  • CommandWhiteList - whitelist commands 
  • KeepLevel - prevents players levelers dropping when they die 
  • EnterCommand - runs a console command when a player enters an area
  • EnterCommand-Owner - runs a console command when the owner of the area enters
  • EnterCommand-Members - runs a console command when a member of the area enters
  • EnterPlayerCommand - runs a command via the player when they enter an area
  • EnterMessage - sends a message to the player when entering an area
  • ExitCommand - runs a console command when a player leaves an area
  • ExitCommand-Owner - sends a message when the owner of the area leaves
  • ExitCommand-Members - sends a message when a member of the area leaves
  • ExitPlayerCommand - executes a command via the user when they leave an area
  • ExitMessage - sends a message to the player when leaving an area
  • HealthRegen - users will regenerate health
  • InfiniteArrows
  • KeepInventory - users will keep their inventory when dying
  • NetherPortalConsoleCommand - runs a console command when a player enters a nether portal
  • NetherPortalPlayerCommand -  runs a via the player when they enter a nether portal
  • NoChorusFruit - prevents players from teleporting when eating chorus fruit 
  • NoCombatLoot - mobs will not drop loot
  • NoElytra - prevents players from using an elytra
  • NoEnderPearl - prevents players from teleporting when throwing an ender pearl
  • NoEnter - prevents all players from entering
  • NoEnterPlayer - blocks specific players from entering
  • NoExpiration - disables claim expiration
  • NoExplosionDamage - disables damage caused by explosions
  • NoFallDamage - disables fall damage
  • NoFireDamage - disables damage caused by fire
  • NoFireSpread - prevents fire from spreading
  • NoFlight - prevents players from flying
  • NoFluidFlow - prevents fluid from flowing
  • NoGrowth - prevents stuff from growing/spreading
  • NoHunger - prevents players from starving
  • NoIceForm - stops ice from forming
  • NoItemDamage - prevents items from taking durability hits
  • NoItemDrop - prevents players from dropping items
  • NoItemPickup - prevents players from picking up items
  • NoLeafDecay - prevents leaves from decaying
  • NoLootProtection - disables loot protection on player death
  • NoMcMMODeathPenalty - disables McMMO death penalty
  • NoMcMMOSkills - prevents McMMO skill usage
  • NoMcMMoXPGain - disables McMMO experience gaining
  • NoMobDamage - prevents mob damage
  • NoMobSpawns - prevents mobs from spawning
  • NoMobSpawnsType - prevents specific mobs from spawning
  • NoMonsters - prevents bad mobs from spawning and entering
  • NoMonsterSpawns - prevents bad mobs from spawning but they can still enter
  • NoOpenDoors - prevents players from opening doors/gates/trapdoors
  • NoPetDamage - prevents players from damaging pets
  • NoPlayerDamage - prevents players from taking damage
  • NoPlayerDamageByMonster - prevents players from taking damage from mobs
  • NoSnowForm - prevents snow from forming
  • NoVehicle - stops players from playing boats/minecarts
  • NoVineGrowth - stops vines from growing
  • NoWeatherChange - disables weather change
  • OwnerFly - allows the owner of the claim to fly
  • OwnerMemberFly - allows members of the claim to fly
  • PlayerTime - sets the time for players in the claim
  • PlayerWeather - sets the weather for players in the claim
  • ProtectNamedMobs - prevents visitors from harming named mobs
  • RaidMemberOnly - prevents non-members of claims from triggering raids
  • RespawnLocation - sets the respawn point for the claim
  • SpleefArena - creates a spleef arena
  • TrappedDestination - sets the trapped destination






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