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Simple-ish Shop Skript


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A sorta simple shop skript I made for my private SMP, although I felt like sharing this in case anyone wants it.

- Does not work with Currencies provided by other plugins (skript will work if modified properly).
- Currency used is {coins::%player%}
- SkBee is required to store NBT tags of items.
- A permission plugin is may be required.
- Vault may be required.

- /sell (price)
- /shop [player]

Quick How-To:
- Hold an item you want to sell, then type /sell (price)
- Type /shop to see all available items for purchase.
- Or type /shop (player) to see items available for purchase from a player.
- Click on the item name (highlighted in green) to purchase the listed item.
- If you accidentally sold the wrong item with /sell, you can purchase it back without any cost.

To be (probably) added / fixed:
- Selling items in batch (bug)
- Selling items that have custom names (bug)
- Page System for /shop (feature)
- More Options (feature)
- Connection with eco plugins (feature)
- Better debugging system (feature)



It would be 256952237757169664.png.d18a09670746c6c6079d9c16a0ee3647.png if you could upvote my post if you found it helpful.


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