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Prison Plugin Recently Released A New Version.

The new version fixes the hologram error where it shows a negative number when the rankup cost is surpassed. It also allows moderators to set all player ranks at the same time this is great as it allows servers to easily do resets, and in our case fix rank permissions after optimising command usage and server lag. 


--- AbusingNub ---

-- Owner of the DevilsNetwork --

◉ DevilsPvP.minehut.gg

◉ BridgesWar.minehut.gg

Here to lend a helping hand.


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Please post the link to the new update.

If I have helped you out in your post or you liked what I posted, please upvote and react to my post! It helps me a lot!

Some Minehut Links:

Server Rules • Staff Applications • News & Updates • Reports • Appeals

Minehut: VIP (07/04/2021 --> Current)
Elestra/Versa Realms: Manager (12/04/2021 --> Current)

If you have any questions contact me!
My Discord: BanditEagle#2481
My Spigot Profile: https://www.spigotmc.org/members/banditeagle.935281/
My IGN: BanditEagle

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