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1.16.5 Crime City Server [Unique Server] | Custom Items | Cops | Heists | - Open Beta

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> IP: CrimeTown.minehut.gg
> Discord: https://discord.gg/E2Ab6jcq3h
> Join Via Lobby: /join CrimeTown

The CrimeTown server is a modified server which is based on the GTA / Cops vs Robbers System! The cops on the server hunt down the robbers, murderers and drug dealers. So you can experience street fights, Robberies and pursuits and be apart of it!

The CrimeTown server can offer you:

> The Unique Cops Vs Robbers system, which is running on self written skripts!
> You can farm drugs in your own apartment/house. You can use some drugs to escape police or others to maybe fight back?
> Selfmade weapons made with skripts (Machine Gun, SMG and more)
> In there function changed items (Lock Picks, Smoke Grenades, Grenades etc)
> A resource pack that you can install to add a better experience!
> Our tutorial which will help you how to play the server when you join!
> Custom Classes you can choose before you start your life! (Mafia, Streetkid and Drug Lord) With custom abilites and features!
> A Custom Robbery System and Heist Scheme!

> A Discord server to keep up with updates! That you can join in game! with /discord
> Custom Vanilla Items Used by the cops and robbers! (Handcuffs, Guns, Bolt Cutters, Handcuff Key and more!)
> Mining System so you can mine for money!
> Car System that you can use by buying a car, and a license!

Features that shall come soon:

> Custom Lottery System
> Buy slums
> More heists to currently pull off
> Some minor balancing, however the current system is pretty fair.
More houses for players to rent
> Factions





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