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Spigot: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/entitytrackerfixer-fix-1-14-4-1-16-2-entitytick-lag.70902/
Updated version: https://github.com/Elecast2/EntityTrackerFixer/pull/27

What is this plugin?
This plugin untracks the entities around a player that are too far away, removing their AI. And when the player gets near the entities become active again. The spigot link is for an older version but I also posted a updated version that is the same thing but with the latest version support and a few more changes.

Why do I want this plugin?
Owning a SMP server that has some good days where a lot of people are online is pushing the server limits, spawning a lot of mobs and the tps is dropping down a lot, even to like 8-9 after 23-25 players which is not all that ideal. Timings show the main problem are entities, and there are not a lot of stuff I can do. A stacking plugin can help a bit, maybe raise the tps with 1 or 2 but players are really unhappy and it really does change the gameplay a bit. Also my server has a lot of spawner farms which is also not really a great touch to the performance. But this plugin seems to maybe solve this issue, and won't affect the gameplay too much. 

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Good idea!






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EntityTrackerFixer isn't necessary on Paper, which is what Minehut uses. It's normally put on Spigot servers which don't have any sort of lag mitigations.

You should be able to configure entity tracking/ai in paper.yml to make them even less of an issue (although it may cause them to be less responsive).

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