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Why hasn't Block Shuffle been created yet?


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I see many files on spigot that work but they are all .jar files and cannot be implemented onto minehut. I also see many people asking for this plugin for almost 3 months now. Looking at source code on GitHub it seems as though the plugin should be quite easy to code...

I can't really attach anything for this because everything is quite outdated or doesn't work well (I can read java code but not skript)

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if you have the link of the plugin please add that here.

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There was one block shuffle type plugin suggested recently but it was only compatible with 1.15 so we couldn't add it. This is pretty common on SpigotMC (outdated plugins, even though there are many of them available).

Since Minehut runs on 1.16, we can only add plugins that are compatible with 1.16. If you think you've found one for Block Shuffle please provide a link and we can consider adding it.

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