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Boxlife45 has a piece of trash for a owner


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Galexy flight, who owns it, is sarcastic and jealous. We trusted one of his admins, and he immediately tells the three admins to grief. He tried to act like a mod and cleared a player, then when i confront him about it, he goes "oh im not a mod, so i dont follow your rules". here's the proof of the griefing if you want it. He's condescending and acts with a superiority complex



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This is breaking Minehut's rule 1 on Section A: Player Server Rules, which states as following:

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    You are not allowed to destroy or “grief” other player-hosted Minehut servers unless you own that server or have permission to do so.


For issues such as these, please create a new player report in the link below:


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Hi, I'm GalaxyFlight, the owner of boxlife45. Everything you said here is Completely False. I never told my admins to grief your server, and it was their own choice. You cannot report me for my friends griefing your server. I didn't do anything. At the time I heard about it being griefed I was away at my grandparents house and when I heard about it I joined on MineChat to see if there was anything I could do but they banned me. It's honestly sad that you think I would do this. Also the Owner of that server knows that I did nothing and they ended up giving Manager because I tried to help. I would appreciate it if you didn't insult me for something I didn't do. Thank you.

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It sucks that this happened to you, and the people in the screenshot could probably be punished, but I would try to get proof of Galaxy saying those things If he did say it because he wouldn't be punished If there wasn't proof that he did that and he shouldn't be punished if he wasn't part of it. I'll be honest he has attempted to grief in the past and there is evidence, so it's possible, but it's also possible that he wasn't part of this. The old owner of boxlife is on Galaxy's side, but he also told me to kill myself many many times, so I take everything he says with a grain of salt.Sown..PNG.c5072cbcd27fcc8c4c5167bb1ec7bb02.PNG

Galaxy also just gave him a verbal warning for "toxicity" and was still of sown's side and after people complaining about sown, he muted sown, then muted me and another person sown was telling to kill themself for being "part of the argument" even though the other guy was asleep at the time just because sown wanted him to.sown...PNG.283660b786872d955e9d72b8a2ef9e7d.PNG

Ok it looks like he was at least aware of it. I know what server it is and that really sucks since the owner worked so hard on it.


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I'm going ahead and locking this topic to prevent further drama. Any concerns about griefing can be submitted to the staff team through a report here.


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